Our Team

Genella Macintyre


  • Masters Degree in Social Psychology including Program Evaluation and Program Design
  • International Trainer in Leadership and Organizational Development topics
  • Certified and Qualified in Psychometrics: EQi2.0, MBTI, Strength Deployment Inventory, Personality Dimensions, The Enneagram, Life Styles Inventory
  • Management Consultant and Executive Coach
  • Workplace and children’s book Author and Speaker

Genella is an author, international trainer and consultant and President of Partners in Discovery Ltd.  Genella’s focus is to improve the quality of personal and professional living. Genella helps organizations, large and small, determine what needs to happen to develop a productive, profitable and psychologically safe workplace. Genella’s background includes experience in human resource management, executive leadership, personal and executive coaching, individual and family counseling and program development and evaluation.

Genella has extensive experience with the training division of the Manitoba Government and has delivered a variety of organizational development workshops including leadership, management, personal development, team-building, time management, personality and communication styles to a range of government departments.

Genella has trained and coached with employees of Fortune 500 companies, non-profit family services agencies, health authorities, Health Canada, Insurance Groups, the Canadian Military, construction and industry. Genella’s experience also includes instructing for local universities and colleges.

Genella holds a Bachelor of Arts (Specialist) degree from Brandon University and a Master of Arts degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Saskatchewan. She also has certificates in Coaching and Mediation Skills. Genella is a qualified trainer in Myers-Briggs, and the Life-styles Inventor. She has instructor certification in the Enneagram, Relationship Awareness (Strength Deployment Inventory), and the EQ2.0 (Emotional Intelligence Quotient). Genella has authored a book on stress management and a book on enhancing “soft skills” in leaders as well as having launched a children’s book called “Tucker Times: The Chase”.

Genella’s workshops are focused on practical solutions for personal and professional challenges such as dealing with difficult clients and customers, working with difficult colleagues, managing conflict through difficult conversations, and leading remote teams. Genella’s workshops are delivered in an interactive, fun, and relaxed environment.

Lynda McPhail-Poole

Co-founder and Office Manager of Partners In Discovery Ltd, Lynda serves as administrative personnel. Lynda applies spiritual principles to both professional and personal challenges. Lynda’s creativity is utilized in Partners In Discovery Ltd. personal development workshops through visualization and guided imagery exercises which are unique.

Meet Tucker!

The little dog with big heart! He can teach us a lot about ourselves and about the world!